12 June 2015


I don't think I've heard shoegazing '90s guitar driven alt/pop done this well. Ever. Not even in the '90s, and I listened to this shit like it was about to go out of style (it was). New Orleans' HEAT DUST are noisy, drunk, and absofuckinglutely beautiful....they pull out big guns with the guitar leads on "Sleeping Call" (the opening track, for fuck's sake), and they manage to get better from there. Lazy, breathy vocals, confident in their casual delivery, belt out indecipherable missives that had better be self deprecating laments about lovers lost and looking over your shoulder at the life that you missed because you were going the wrong direction...but if HEAT DUST makes a wrong turn on this 2011 recording, then I can't find it. 

For what it's worth, I keep seeing the internet calling this band "grunge," it's a rare example of the internet being wrong. TAD is grunge, MUDHONEY is grunge, HEAT DUST is pop.


kingpossum said...

I share the sentiment of your first two sentences. And the rest of your overview for that matter. Wonderful post, thank you.

thousandfolded said...

This band is damn good at this kind of thing, good sounds. Thanks.