25 June 2015


Just two songs here, and rarely has a demo sounded so undeniably '90s. From college town, Illinois, HAND TO MOUTH are the perfect combination of melody and grit, with a pile gravel in the voice and the mid tempo drums commanding a bounce and sway as you listen. "Soy Sauce Love" is about seeing a pretty girl in the grocery store (she's probably buying supplies for a delicious tofu scramble). "Omnivore" is about having a political activism discussion with your friend and then realizing that your friend eats meat. Not sure I would have liked this in 199whatever, but it suits me just fine this morning...and at least one of these tracks is a certifiable classic. 


zhollows said...

All of their vinyl is worth picking up in the dollar bins. Great band from the 90s and great people who are still doing good work in the world as well!

Anonymous said...

Wait. What?! How did one of these demos make it all the way to the west coast let along survive 20 years?

-crazy jim