05 November 2014


Stylistically similar to the early '00s Brasilian band of the same name, Holland's POINT OF NO RETURN dropped this rough piece of uncompromising teenage straight edge hardcore in 1990. Vocals cracking, tinny as shit drums buried under a perfectly filthy guitar that dominates the entire recording - stylistically this is early DC with edge breakdowns and just the right mix of ineptitude and earnest determination. When they talk about their scene you feel like they really believe it, and when they tempo stows to a steady mosh stomp you can feel the room start to move. Call it a guilty pleasure if you like but I feel no shame, and if you don't find the the "Go!" at 1:39 in "Limbo Wolfpack" then you might need to reexamine your musical likes and dislikes because hardcore might not be for you.

"I'd like to know where your ideals have gone
I'm sorry to say but your attitude's wrong
I don't even know if you mean what you say
Get the fuck out of my way
We have to live with your violent shit
I could surely do without it
You're getting me angrier bit by bit
But we'll get our revenge IN THE PIT"

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Sndr said...

Point of No Return was linked to Feeding the Fire, who also played great HC in the 90s, with a communist message added to the mix (most probably influenced by ManLiftingBanner)