21 November 2014


Electronics and general audio manipulations backed by drugged out repetitive drumbeats, Virginia's EARTH MESMERISM took a minute for me to really sink into but the moment I crossed the threshold I just wanted to submerge myself completely. Intense and captivating raw drones, this hits the same nerve as BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE...and that's a powerful nerve.


Kevin said...

Thanks for giving my tape a shot! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm honored for the support & flattery.

There should be a split tape coming out in early 2015. More layered, more complex and not as raw. Then, a demo later that year hopefully.

If anyone else wants this tape. Contact me at the blog in the link. I'm parting with these for dirt cheap, also willing to trade copies.

thousandfolded said...

This is a really cool tape. Great sounds. Thanks for the intro to these guys.

thousandfolded said...

This is great stuff right here. Thanks.