02 November 2014


Metallic crust from DISPLEASE, the AT THE GATES cover kinda gives their intent away as they try to be a punk band instead of a metal band...I'm still on the fence as to which approach would suit them better. DISKOBRA on the flip are just rampaging Scandi DBeat - why muss things up with frills when the shit is this good? Exactly. DISKOBRA are from Hungary, DISPLEASE from Ukraine, and Spencer is quite a pal for delivering them both to me. 

The RAKTA//FLESH WORLD tour ends today in San Jose, and it's the last RAKTA show in North America before the head to Europe for a few more weeks. Euro friends, please do not miss these Brasilian women when they are on your continent!! And Bay Area friends, the show tonight is at The Rock Shop, and it will be the first NO STATIK show in almost a year. 


Kobera said...

Hey! Thanks a lot for the review, but Displease is not from Hungary, they are from Ukraine. Cheers!

the wizard said...

Appreciate the clarification. Post updated!

Kobera said...

Thank you!