09 November 2014


It seems that this Parisian outfit is no more, but if a band's legacy is seven minutes of brutality than a band would find it difficult to leave the stage on more impressive fashion than AMER. Blasting hardcore of the highest order, these eight tracks are a fukkn bulldozer (and live footage indicates that it was not mere studio trickery) - take the knuckledragging pace of the intro to "Patriarchal Psychopath" and listen to it ease casually into a surge of powerfully violent hardcore with machine gun drums and then descend back into a hateful mosh. Shit is just ugly. Amanda's vocals are next level, especially for the style, and they suit the music perfectly....start/stop hardcore mania delivered with passion and maximum intensity - really wish this band had more tracks to offer, because these are going to get a lot of listens at TEHQ.

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