04 November 2014


Post punk is an increasingly easy (and inaccurate) descriptor to throw around. Throw some reverb on the vocals and all of a sudden people are filing your band in a subgenre pioneered accidentally by bands like THE FALL and GANG OF FOUR, which is obviously ridiculous. But every now and then, the classification makes sense, and sometimes it's spot fukkn on - as with San Francisco's FLEECE. Simultaneously harsh and relaxed, FLEECE roll through eight repetitive tracks punctuated by harsh guitar outbursts and sharp vocals. Hints of early JOY DIVISION creep through the slower parts, while the majority of these tracks would be right at home in the Rough Trade catalog...and then they seal the deal with a URINALS cover. Add this to the list of locals that I need to see live, I'll be the old guy in the back.

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djwitb said...

Fleece are on hiatus I believe! I think one of their guys just moved to Austin or something.