10 November 2014


There was a time a few years back when Mondays were reserved for regurgitations of derivative bursts of distorted noise punk...and a few people were really stoked about it. I'm a little more lax these days, but I feel like today's post should appeal to those looking to have their boundaries pushed a little more than they are really comfortable with. I give you Norway's PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI. Manic and insane one man HC/grind, I honestly do not think I have ever heard a band like this one, and this 2009(?) release is just the beginning - let them help you challenge everything you think you know about what you like. I feel like this band is going to kick people in the ass sometime in the future, it's primal and sinister hardcore grind metal mania delivered with terrifying precision, but I just don't think the world is ready for it (this was released in '09, and I still don't think the world is ready)...but once this shit sinks in? Fukkn look out. Next level space grind in your fucking face.

These songs come from a bunch of vinyl releases. Have you heard of 625? Did you think they were done because you are a lazy punk follower? That's your fault. Also, theres a thing called bandcamp.
I know it's early, but I promise you that you need these sounds NOW.

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