13 November 2014


I got a bunch of shit that came from who knows where. Maybe it's one of the tapes Craig gave me? Maybe it's from the box Dan gave me in Milwaukee last summer and I just integrated into the "to be ripped" shelf gushing over the DYSTOPIA and DEVASTATION demos? I don't know how NO CHRIST FOR THE POOR came into my life, but those with a similar penchant for guttural, tense and shamelessly brutal powerviolence will be glad that it did. Massachusetts, and the samples date the recording as much as the sound (early '90s I'm guessing), these dudes lash out in sub-60 second bursts with a weirdness that would have had them right in line with the West Bay's finest (the 7+ minute hip hop track that closes the tape solidifies that impression) with erratic and utterly hateful downtuned dirges that erupt into fidelity-free blasts and pained distorted screams. This music is fukkn ugly. Oh yeah, and there is a 7+ minute power electronics piece before the hip hop, so...yeah, sometimes life is a harsh toke.

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