16 November 2013


The only thing that these two tape have in common is that I've been wanting to post them each for quite a long time but know so little about each band that I keep putting it off, waiting for....the magical information fairy to fill me in on all of the morsels that you punks cherish? Or perhaps just some context? Basically I just know that TRANSVESTITE are from Atlanta and THE CHAIN are from Olympia and that I like both of these tapes. So today you are lucky. Today you get to choose.

Not that far removed from the stuff that we lazily refer to as "emotional hardcore," TRANSVESTITE combine desperate female vocals with earnest and overly intense punk. Guitars affected in a weird Mould-by-way-of-Gravity manner (and if that means anything to you then you are likely intrigued) drive a band that clearly leaves everything out there. I like this tape a lot, and have jammed it dozens of times since it came into my life. I hope that you like it too.


You know those bands that almost play a kind of punk that you don't like but they are so good at it that you remember that you really dig punk songs and not just killer riffs? Those bands whose earnestness (and, more importantly, honesty) transcend genre and you find yourself not caring what scene they come from or what scene you align yourself with...you just want to see them play live? Enter: THE CHAIN. This is just right, and once again the guitar is transfixing. Maybe someday I will see this band live, because while I cannot really imagine all of these sounds happening at once (emotionally and aurally) - I'm sure it does.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Transvestite! It's brilliant and I'm constantly jamming it when I'm on the go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Transvestite i was in that band....

My current band can be located here
http://uniformatl.bandcamp.com (robert you'll probably be getting a tape at MRR soon!)

also a little different but my other band wymyns prysyn has a new LP coming out anyday


Transvestite was going for hardcore by way of killing joke, death cult etc. wish we had made it beyond the demo stage!

thanks again!