22 November 2013


Sometimes I put tapes on here because of the sounds they contain, and sometimes it's more about the context. Today's cassette is the latter. NOT MY SON were from San Antonio and our singer had a correspondence with their singer that we all razzed him about endlessly. Basically this razzing was because we were immature and the singer was a girl (our singer was a boy). We stayed with her in San Antonio in '95, she was super hospitable and way punker than us...I'm pretty sure that was the same show that essentially nobody attended except August from CROWN ROAST (and now PLEASURE CROSS) and he gave me a tape that had INITIAL STATE on it which pretty much blew our minds. Also I think he sang for us that night and we were paid in beer...and not a lot beer. This is snotty vocal punk with a guitarist who sounds like he'd prefer playing metal - I think it holds up well. These tracks were released on wax as well, and I don't know if this cassette ever had a cover.


The Boo said...

Pretty sure were compensated 6 warm Natural Lights for our performance that night. August killed it!

zhollows said...

Saw them at a Chicago Punx Picnic in maybe 96 or 97? They were quite excellent! One of my faves from that day in the park. I had this on wax, but sadly it died in the fire I had many years ago. Nice to hear these tunes again.