03 November 2013


I went to England for the first time in 2003. It was pretty cool. I got to see ARMY OF FLYING ROBOTS, and I think I saw Sned play drums (perhaps even at the same show), I got the CUDDLY TOYS "Mad Man" 45 about which I was pretty fukkn psyched. I got to play the 1 in 12 in Bradford, a smoke filled reggae bar in London, a high school prom in Margate, and at least one dude from AMEBIX was at our show in Brighton. I snagged some cool records to be sure (first POLICE single for 5 quid? don't mind if I do) and hung out with some killer folks, it was a really good time and our shows were damned solid. But there's one show I can't really remember...I think it was in Leeds, it was upstairs in some bar, and there was a band with a MÖTORHEAD ripoff logo shirt that played (they were pretty ace) and there was another band who were rather popular at the time and I remember that they were really fukkn good even though I can't remember who they were (maybe THE HORROR? Yeah, I think that was them). Pathetic...my memory, that is. What I can recollect is that one of the dudes in that band was also in SEX MANIACS and he gave me this tape of their then new recording....and it rips. Look at what he wrote: Punk Rock 'n Roll influenced by BLACK FLAG, TURBONEGRO, AC/DC, OUT COLD, POISON IDEA. Seriously, that just about nails it, and SEX MANIACS totally own this sound. A decade later you can spend your Sunday getting rowdy as fukk all, and if you make it back to Leeds before I do, which is likely, then tell these dudes I owe them all beers. Or pints. Whatever they drink, that's what I will buy them, because I have listened to this tape 100+ times since that tour.

You can talk talk but you know I won't listen // Turn up drunk when you think I've gone missing

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