11 November 2013


I posted HELLGASM's Luciferian Cum demo last year, and I still think that it's a gloriously fukkd sounding piece of audio dementia. But this tape? This tape is complete mastery. Tortured vocals fly at you from all directions, defying your ears to focus on the blistering Japanese influenced hardcore that propels them through space. I made a G.I.S.M. in reference to the first demo, and I definitely think that comparison was their goal, but on their sophomore effort, these Texans (two have since relocated to Portland) are a monster they have made all their own. Seriously, those of you who stop by on Monday for the shoelace headband shit? You might have found your holy grail. HELLGASM are way out there, making indispensable sounds that can barely be contained by a subgenre increasingly filled by half assed distort-o-ramas. Consider this essential.


Anonymous said...

Where can this be bought?

Unknown said...

I have copies.