30 November 2013


DANIEL HIGGS draws his inspiration from an entirely different place. This cassette features sixty minutes of musical improvisations, stream of consciousness aural manipulations and mind bending sounds cut and pasted together with seeming abandon. The first side is minimal; childlike audio excursions placed end to end with great care, a banjo wandering in drunken bursts between emotions often returning to variations of one refrain. The second side is more lively, minimal percussion sometimes urging the banjo onward into droning electronics, the banjo sometimes meandering with only a hint of purpose towards field recordings and casual cacophonies, with an infectious two and a half minute uptempo organ romp in the middle of the side. Vocals are almost nonexistent (save a one minute reprise of "Holy Bible Time" that closes the first side), but while the voice is so often a focal point of HIGGS' recordings, this time they are wholly unnecessary. This might be a lot to digest for the uninitiated, but your efforts will be rewarded.

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Monte said...

I've had this for a bit and never got around to digitizing it - thanks!