08 November 2013


I'm pretty sure that the last two Friday compilations have been made up of relatively unknown (at least in Thee Americaland) Japanese punk and hardcore, so it seemed logical to continue the trend. Six bands are featured on this tape, recorded in 1992 at Narusis in the northern suburbs of Tokyo (technically it's Saitama, but you can get there on a fukkn JR line, so it's pretty much Tokyo, right?). Raw hardcore from MAU MAU and BAD TASTE (the latter is faster...and probably the best shit on the tape), and rudimentary (and endearing) melodic punk from STRAW DOGS. DOWN BY LAW were the only band I was familiar with before I heard Always Next, and their tracks are screamers with an enviable guitar tone, while 5 MINUTES and REFRESHING JACKUP play gritty, bouncy and adolescent punk that would probably sit well in the southeastern regions of Thee Americaland. REFRESHING JACKUP are like MINUTEMEN reincarnated as drunks who are into and FYP and can't tell what they want to do - I'm pretty into it. So yeah...dig on some bands you don't know.

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