07 November 2013


Sometimes you hear new bands and it's like "yeah man, this is pretty cool, I like this." And sometimes you just get knocked to the fukkn floor. I remember the day I first put the DASHER demo in - I had a bunch of shit to do and wanted to jam some new tunes while I was slogging through mundane tasks. Five listens later I realized I was laying on the floor, the volume several notches louder than it had been two hours earlier, and my mouth was just kinda hanging open - rarely have I been punched in the gut so immediately (and effectively) as I was by this Atlanta three piece. For the most simple explanation, drummer/vocalist Kylee put it perfectly: "It's like pop music with a punk foundation," but even though it fits, that description sells DASHER short; this is simple music interpreted through the power of a truly phenomenal vision. Reverb cannot hide the power of these vocals no matter how hard it tries, and the soaring walls of guitar do their very best to mask the straightforward brilliance of the songs, but the presentation of Yeah I Know is perhaps what makes it so perfect (of course, it might also be the fact that it is, in fact, perfect). Maybe the beginning of "Get So Low" sounds like PIXIES, and maybe sometimes the guitars can't decide whether they need to pay debts of gratitude to Mr. Shields or Mr. Mould, and maybe "Resume" is the weird amalgamation of so many bands that I loved the shit out of during earlier junctures...or maybe (and I think this is the real hook, so pay attention) these fukks just created some perfect music. Yeah, I said it. That afternoon months ago, slack-jawed after I had listened to this tape continuously for hours, I determined that at that moment I did not need anything at all from the world of sound that DASHER had not given me. And when I listen today, I cannot argue with that determination.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you weren't kidding--this is the best thing I've heard all day. Thanks!

No Anthems said...

Great stuff! Thanks a lot!