16 February 2013


When SLUMP slows down they are truly terrifying, and when they speed up it might be best to step aside. There is a ferocity in the vocals often missing from filthy modern hardcore - it's easy to sound mean but sounding insane and desperate is something entirely different. "Nein, Kein Gott Da" is my choice track, 90 seconds of a building storm followed by a swirling crescendo into the eye of madness to close the track. After this 2009 demo there was a split with LIFE ENDS, and since then....silence unless you live in Germany and get to witness this freight train in person. SLUMP are from Mannheim, I bought a stack of Neue Deutsche Welle records in Mannheim a decade ago.

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The Boo said...

Dude. This shit rips - love the heavy riff on track 6!