21 February 2013


No apologies implied or offered, I am slow. I am slow and I procrastinate and I often intend to do things for months and never get around to them, even if I sometimes look directly at those things on a daily basis. For example: sometime last year, Catherine from Puzzle Pieces Records sent me a package with a couple of cassettes. This is not exactly a major event here at TEHQ since I do get tapes in that mail from time to time - some are good and some are bad but they basically all go on the new arrivals shelf until I get around to dealing with them. Sometimes that takes a while (there are killer new records to listen to like the newest FRACASO EP that I jammed no less than four times last night, and that takes up precious earhole time), but Catherine made it a point to tell me about the tapes she had sent me, and it was a note not written necessarily for promotion but rather because she thought the bands and their music was important. And because she thought they were important enough to take the time to tell me about them, I felt it would be unfair to simply give them a cursory listen...and so the tapes and her words sat on that new arrivals shelf. For a long time. But the thing about me is that I will eventually get around to whatever it is that I need to do, and those words and those songs were just as important to me last weekend as they would have been last spring when Catherine sent me the package - it's just that there was a little unnecessary lag time between the action and the reaction (or is it the cause and the action?). How exactly this relates to your day is irrelevant, it is nothing more than an anecdote.  What matters is these five songs. POTTY MOUTH are from Western Massachusetts and deliver exactly not the kind of knuckle dragging hardcore that region has become known for over the last decade or so. The all female outfit does have moments of Girls In The Garage style flourish, but the majority of this tape is midpaced post/garage punk that feels more like BEAT HAPPENING than any lazy gender specific comparisons. "Drip-Dry" opens the tape and is easily my favorite track (chalk that up to the vocals), and the guitar leads rocket the follow up "Dog Song" to pure dreamboat status. POTTY MOUTH have dropped a handful of vinyl releases since this 2011 cassette, records that I will own very soon...and every time I listen to them I will think about how I need to work on my procrastination.

"we've changed for the worse but I'm having so much fun // you smoke and I curse, I just love living young // I tried and I tried, I did what I could // why oh why is all this bad so good?"


Anonymous said...

why do today what you will probably still not do tomorrow???

what is sure is that i'm downloading this today as i would have certainly done the same thing tomorrow

Harvester said...

I'm looking at this tape now, sitting on my shelf waiting to be uploaded still. I've actually listened to it a lot already though. Good stuff.