14 February 2013


Consider this vinyl release one of my top wants, even though I know essentially nothing of its actual existence. CYANIDE SCENARIO perhaps featured future members of INTERNAL AUTONOMY, and the lead track here, "Awayday To Auschwitz," appeared on 1990's Inquiry LP...but the rest of these tracks are a mystery. The sounds are gloriously brooding anarcho tinged goth with female vocals that envelop you like a slow moving mist. I have listened to these songs a thousand times.


AG said...

This is awesome, thanks! Funny how if you hadn't mentioned the year, I would've thought this was a current band doing a throwback thing.

the wizard said...

From Al, guitarist for CYANIDE SCENARIO (and later INTERNAL AUTONOMY), cheers to Sean for tracking down the background:

thanks for making the 'Cyanide Scenario 12' tape available, and also your kind words about it. The vinyl it was recorded for never happened, so you'll be forever disappointed on that front, but if you want to know why, and have some general background info:

Cyanide Scenario was a band I played guitar in prior to departing to start a new band - which turned out to be Internal Autonomy, but that's the only connection, really. There's another, slightly earlier, CS recording in existence, that was going to be an EP (7") on a label that was going to be stated at the time by Justin (of Napalm Death/Godflesh fame), the label never got off the ground (I think something to do with problems concerning the licensing arrangement with Pinnacle, but that might be complete bollocks), so neither did the EP! Before we knew this, however, we went back to the same studio with a new Drummer & Vocalist to record a 12", that eventually was going to be a split LP with a band called Open Door, and I'd discussed releasing it via MortarHate with Colin Jerwood, who liked the recordings, in the event this didn't come off either as a) the band fell apart not long after the recording of the 12", and b) at that time MortarHate were ploughing most their energies into 'The Ungovernable Force', and were a bit over-committed in their up-coming releases anyway! So, Cyanide Scenario was a brief and ill-fated thing really.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, thank you! :) Can understand your affection for it.

joe defiant said...

inflammable material got their hands on the master and released this on vinyl in 2017. here is a link on bandcamp