15 February 2013


Both of these Tokyo bands draw on US emotional hardcore and primitive grunge simultaneously, but the angular and in your face guitar attack of BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS and the manic song construction (and in your face guitar attack) of COPASS GRINDERS give them each a distinct impact. While kids around the world are trying to recreate the filthy fuzz of MUDHONEY and the inward frustration of Cobain, they would be well served to look instead to bands like this, bands who took those sounds and molded them into something that was their own...something that was independently important.


convertido said...

Thanks for this one. I remember buying the Rocket from the Crypt Blood Thirsty Butcher split years ago and being well pleased with both sides. I never could find any additional releases from BTB so this is a real treat.

Jimbo Matison said...

Wow! Thanks so much for posting this. I had this only on cassette. Unfortunately the singer/guitarist Yoo of the Bloodthirsty Butchers (and guitarist in Copass Grinderz) just passed away last week.
Butchers music continued to evolve and got better every year. He was a great musician and a great friend. RIP Yoo. Here's an article on him...