08 February 2013


In short, this is a killer compilation of South American punk and hardcore, nothing short of essential. A lengthier description would include meeting a member of FRACASO in Vancouver a few weeks back and having a great time hanging out and talking about punk and politics and life and then he gave me this tape he made for a friend. That bit of background isn't really all that much longer, but you should be spending your day listening to this tape, not reading my words.


Jose Juan Posada said...

Thanx again Rob.
Beautiful Shit here again. Only in S.A . jejejeje.

I'm Jose juan guitar player of Dexkoncierto, DESTINO and other bands.
Go to my blog if you want info about Medellin-Colombian Hardcore Punk scene from the 80s.



G O D said...

thanks for this.it was a great listen ,kept me going today!

G O D said...

thanks for this.it was a great listen ,kept me going today!

FuseRed said...

hey, just wanted to say thanks for all the great music here - especially been tracking the new latino/a bands seems there is so much going on at the moment...

I pulled together a comp Music Para La Destrucción: the New Wave of Latino / Latina HC & Raw Punk

on my blog http://subcultatlas.blogspot.com that couldnt have happened without all the excellent stuff here & on Cola de Rata + Hardcore Por Vida so massive cheers

(looking forward to hearing this comp too - thanks)