18 February 2013


There is something special going on in Halifax, Nova Scotia and if it weren't so very far from my house then I would go there myself and investigate further. CONCRETE ASYLUM crank out fiercely aggressive hardcore with shouted vocals that owe more to Ian Mackaye than anything from Japan, but the guitars are the reason they are featured on this fine Monday...think the S.H.I.T. demo but way more fukkd sounding, faster, and completely dominated by the guitars. The other elements are excellent, but they are also secondary, this romp is all about an assault on an innocent six string bystander - just a blur of madness interrupted by crucial riffs. "Spit To Me" is the song of the day.

The entire demo is included twice. The version labeled "(noise)" is the way my cassette sounds. I am quite certain that this is a defect, but nonetheless I think that pure Noise Not Music fans will eat it up. The version labeled "(clean)" is likely closer to what the band intended.


Anonymous said...

Lots of sick stuff coming out of the Atlantic provinces in the past few years. Check Word on the Street, also from Halifax. Weak Link are Newfoundland hardcore warriors, and the now defunct Clocked In may have been one of the best Canadian punk bands ever. Also from Newfoundland.

concrete repairs said...

By far it is most solid asylum I've ever witnessed. :) Nice post by the way.

Carlos Dundas said...

Thanks for posting this tape! Concrete Asylum's second demo 'Social Anxiety' is now available on 7" - more info badvibrationsrecords.blogspot.com