23 February 2013


Come with me. Walk into a time warp, stuck between DC and California in the year 198something. I can see a space somewhere between BL'AST and BEEFEATER, and I can picture BECOME filling that space with energetic and passionate hardcore. Somehow this demo sounds like the cover looks, how does that make any sense?


Dk said...

Man, this destorys!! Melodic enough to pull you in and angry enough to pull you apart - the end result is what you'll BECOME. I know that last part sounds cheesy, but this band is not. Well done.

Anonymous said...

You kill it so hard. Become is such a sick band coming out of Santa Barbara. Members of Lumber Lung

Anonymous said...

We think this is one of the best demos in the last years! Awesome band!

Maybe somebody wants a tape we still have some left:

Henry/Take It Back Records