02 February 2013


After releasing some of the most seminal underground Philippine punk in the late '80s, DEAD ENDS were quiet for several years before their final release in 1995. Mamatay Sa Ingay definitely shows the influence of more commercial '90s punk and metal, but the vocals are searing and undeniable, and even the influence of western melodic punk cannot reign these fools in. At one point I considered suggesting that it sounded like Paul Baloff fronting early NOFX on crack, but then I figured that would turn some of you off so I decided not to say it. "Ngunit Walang Umintindi" could be lifted from the self titled FACE TO FACE debut (what, you didn't know? that record is fukkn brilliant) but tracks like "Madaling Sabihin, Mahirap Gawin" are just blistering proto-fastcore and "Pulis! Pulis!" is a mandatory circle pit banger. Bassist Jay (who founded the band along with his brother, guitarist Al) passed away shortly after this release and DEAD ENDS subsequently disbanded, but it's clear that the eight year gap between 1988's Damned Nation and this killer swan song were well spent - even if the result is more proficient than their early releases, none of the power is lost and it absolutely kills start to finish.


Anonymous said...

Al Dimalanta recently emigrated to the States and lives in the bay area.
- rupert

Anonymous said...

my bad, he was just visiting.

Joeff Ras said...

How can I get a copy of this album?