27 November 2012


There are good tapes. There are tapes that stick with you and maintain your attention long after they have been filed away in some box or upon a shelf. There are some tapes that sit in the "new arrivals" pile for ages, simply because every time you listen to them you hear something new. And then there are tapes like this one. Norway's THE UPTIGHTS have done masterful things to the potentially stale world of shoegazing sounds, and made stark cold winters At The Worthersee Hotel sound like a comforting and terrifying experience. The vocal wails on "Geraldine" might be just a touch over the top, but total honesty is well worth an occasional cringe (a theory that applies to things far beyond the world of cassettes). Garage punk gone the way of dark synths and noise scapes born out of disconcerting distortion...perhaps this cassette is a perfect accident, or perhaps THE UPTIGHTS are your favorite band. 

I suspect this band has long since been not a secret in circle far removed from my own, but nonetheless I encourage you to visit Keep Secret, responsible for this release.

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