22 November 2012


Way under the radar hardcore punk from Grand Rapids, Michigan, THE REEL BODEANS (I'm guessing the "REEL" part was added after THE BODEANS from neighboring Wisconsin achieved popularity) cranked out one big record and one small one during their decade long run. I believe that the tracks in today's post are with third vocalist Marshall on vocals (you can listen to three songs with second vocalist Clint here), in your face shit with tons of attitude. THE REEL BODEANS bear more than a passing resemblance to CRUCIFUCKS (if only from the irreverent vocal stylings) and MDC, but they are less weird than the former and slower than the latter. 13 tracks here, two of which made it onto their 1986 two song single (hell, maybe this is even the same recording, I wouldn't know since I can't seem to find a copy of the damn record anywhere). Classic Midwestern USHC.

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Timj said...

Bassist for the "REEL BoDeans" here, you want records,, I got em..
any info you want,,,contact me