12 November 2012


Relentless and chaotic, Vancouver's KOSZMAR come off like a white noise treated DBeat assault cranked up to 78rpm. Forceful high end vocals (from a voice touched with a slight dusting of the Japanese yeowl) pierce through the wail of manic cymbals and tinny guitars doing battle in the upper registers. But there are songs, and they are damn good - addictive riffs and a frantic pace are uncomfortably tempered by the harsh recording with very aurally pleasing results. Lyrics all in Polish, and there's a MOSKWA cover for those interested in such things...somehow their version sounds like DISCHARGE taking speed and writing more complicated riffs, which is difficult to explain but easy to enjoy.


http://kittys-at-war.blogspot.fr/ said...

Great post ! Koszmar rules !!!

zhollows said...

Total scorcher!
The Moskwa cover is comically fast, but great!
Up the Polska Dupa!

KOSZMAR said...

thanks for the kind words! Koszmar has both a 7" EP and 12" LP in the works which should hopefully be out by next spring.


KOSZMAR said...

and if anyone is interested in buying physical copies of the tape or other merch, contact me at koszmarpunk@gmail.com