03 November 2012


I waited a while on this one, assuming that everyone would order their own personal copy anyway. In case you didn't, or in case you just didn't know, prepare yourself some of the darkest sounds on the planet. Uncomfortable synth drones more akin to what you might find at the bottom of the ocean than in the far corner of a smoky warehouse, but stamped with the most ordinary and easily digestible monikers; "Dinner Face," "Oil Change," "Comb Over," Business Expense" - you get the drill, right? This is what your life actually sounds like. Essential, and a notable progression from their already excellent debut release. 

Another quality product from our friends at Iron Lung Records.
MUTANT VIDEO can be found here.


ido said...

This is stunning. I went back to download the first tape as well. Thank you very much for sharing this. Will definitely keep my ears on this project.

chrisc said...

Is there any chance you might re-up this? Thanks in advance.

the wizard said...