30 November 2012


I just spent the evening hanging out with one Spaniard and one yank living in Madrid, so perhaps it would've been wise to ask them what the hell was on this tape. But I didn't. Instead, here's a 24 track comp of Spanish punk....most of the songs are excellent and all are at least good, and track #5 will either win you over to my team immediately or you will wonder why you bother reading the drivel that I write every day - either way I hope we are still friends. The tracks here lean in the HC/punk direction, with an understandable Spanish flare (if you pay attention, then you will know what I mean - if you don't pay attention, then you should start), and the comp was released to bring attention to several anti-fascist and left leaning political causes in Spain. I'm guessing this came out in the '90s (this is only a guess), but I know that the content is superb and I welcome any attempts to identify the artists.

And lest you assume that I didn't actually listen simply because I didn't know who was on the comp, my favorite tracks are (in no particular order): 10 (killer 7 SECONDS vibe), 24 (I know I said no particular order, but this song is amazing), 22 (goth punk on speed vibe meets RAMONES? yeah, it rules), 7 (63 seconds of rudimentary hardcore, you know that's my jam), 21 (seriously, what is up with that flute? I love it, but who told them that was ok?), 11 (the closest this comp gets to neanderthal thrash, and it's fukkn perfect), 12 (speed is king, and this one wears the crown), 16 (raw and nasty). See? I paid attention. Now it's your turn.


zhollows said...

I paid attention!

Songs 1-24: killer!
And I don't know how you couldn't like song 5.

zhollows said...

Also, I really was paying attention because I kinda like the redux of the UK Subs "Warhead" song 19. One of my favorite UK Subs' songs.

zhollows said...

Oh and one more comment, that flute if fucking hilarious! And rules! I almost spit out my coffee when it kicked in. And it just keeps going on forever. Amazing. A-Mazing!