16 November 2012


Just like the title suggests, the next 90 minutes of your life will be filled with the most screaming and essential hardcore that 1980s USA had to offer. There's a reason some of these bands are often considered starter bands for new punks...because they are awesome and new punks need to hear them. So if you already know it all, then maybe you can skip this one. But then again, maybe you need a refresher, a reminder, a retraining of sorts? And if you are under 18 years old, then you must listen to every song here - this is  mandatory and not up for debate. I only WISH that someone had commanded me to do so when I was 17, and I promise you'll thank me later. Take notes.

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zhollows said...

I agree... if someone in Kenosha would have given me this tape while I was finding out about punk and hardcore in 1991 I might not have wasted so much time listening to the Exploited and other atrocious things at that time (though I still have a soft spot for the Exploited and other atrocious things at times).