07 November 2012


This gem got slipped into my greedy tape loving palms when I passed through Las Cruces, New Mexico this past summer.  Chris and I had crossed paths a few times, and he managed to pull off a damn fun show for us even though their little metropolis had hosted touring outfits seven days in a row, a tough sell in any city. In hindsight, my only complaint is that I didn't get to see LOW CULTURE play that night, and hopefully there will be a repeat performance so we can fix that. Insanely catchy (and yeah, I'm sure lots of people will say 'poppy') jams that have a je ne sais quoi similar to HICKEY or JAY REATARD. I can't necessarily tell you exactly why or how LOW CULTURE are awesome, I can just tell you that you need these four songs. Sort out the lyrics to "31" and it'll validate you, I promise. You might not know it, but you do.


zhollows said...

So good!

"Faking difference makes no difference / You're no different now you're just like everybody else"

"I remember back to 1995 / Everything was meaningful we were so alive / I remember back to 1995"

I think I interpreted them correctly. Anyway, SO GOOD!! Validated once again!

Shawn Seconds said...

Any chance of fixing the link to this? I am interested in seeing what it sounds like. Thanks and I'm going to enjoy looking through you blog!

the wizard said...