15 November 2012


My friend Peter gave me this tape a few months ago, then a few weeks ago called me out, knowing full well that I had not yet listened to it. He knows my earholes are often stuffed with noisy and abrasive sounds, and he probably knew that I would put these (presumably) introspective and pleasing bedroom recordings at the bottom of my new arrivals pile (and he was right). But that night I listened, and I heard the solo musings of someone as rooted in early '90s as I am, even if those roots have sprouted into trees of (slightly) different species. Four tracks here pieced together over half a decade, from the breathy peace of the opening "Le Cheval" that falls inline with CODIENE (but even more subdued) to quieter shades of AFGHAN WIGS through lazily meandering guitars on the subsequent songs. The Embarkation is a natural extension of the sounds I heard when I was walking the line between all the various subgenres of independent music - when it wasn't weird to listen to punk bands and indie bands and grunge bands because, shit, none of it was on the radio so it was all interesting. No preconceptions, just good music. Interesting that ten short minutes can be simultaneously introspective and retrospective, so job well done.

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Dk said...

This isn't bad at all. Got me thinking about the band Fuzzone mixed with some D.C. post-hardcore/emo that I haven't listened to in ages. Nice.