24 November 2012


I can be a little late to the party sometimes, and my first introduction to HIVE MIND was through the Steel Trap compilation I posted a couple of weeks back, but since that swarm of disconcerting drones I have been devouring all the sounds I can find. Over nearly a decade of production and dozens of releases, (HIVE MIND's sole member Grey) Holger's approach seems to be one of subtle variations on a relatively simple theme, and 2012's They Made Me The Keeper Of The Vineyards (also from Chondritic Sound, who gave us the aforementioned Steel Trap collection) delivers two off putting doses of bleak drone punctuated with pulsing bass and casually disturbing synths.  Simultaneously gorgeous and damaged.

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William Wheelright said...

What year is this from? This guy has an extensive discography on discogs but I did not see any release with this art.