04 October 2012


Maybe you don't care about this ILLEGITIMATE SONS OF JACKIE O side project from the early '90s, but maybe you should. Fuzzed out, freaked out bizarro punk rooted more in the acid drenched garage musings of a thousand forgotten hippies than anything I would call punk, but delivered with a stiff middle finger to the Oklahoma bible belt culture that weaned and corrupted them. As much as Dan's guitar tone is the focal point of the whole recording, the bass is straight Funkadelic via later SST and if you described it to me then I would tell you there's no way it could possibly work...but it does. Aside from early LIPS meanderings (that were clearly at least a peripheral influence on both THE SONS and this offshoot), I assure you that you've never heard anything like "Lawn Mower" before (with the possible exception of those of you who have seen CAPTAIN EYEBALL EXPERIENCE live, but I'm guessing the cross section of CAPTAIN EYEBALL fans and Terminal Escape followers is pretty fukkn low). Just trust me...for once just trust me: "Egg Oddysey (Bitchin' Version)" is what you need today.


WC said...

Awesome! I love to see this old Tulsa/OK stuff on here, I occasionally see Dan around town and he's still one of this chillest dudes I've ever met.

Thanks for posting!


Oski said...

I trusted you one more time and I have to say I was not dissapointed! Thanx for sharing,