21 October 2012


Oakland's SPACE BURN start with low end heavy swarms of sound, emphasis on the drone and a constant swell of breathy synths driven by throbbing bass. Whatever place they take you to, they just as quickly extricate you with an abrupt move into "Where The Fabric Stops," a disjointed three minute lurch of FROESE-ian ambience colliding with spastic primitive electronic sounds. The title track, Chapterhouse, is ten minutes of chilled out mid-tempo beats and a dizzying array of disorienting sounds...subtle swells and a feeling of awkward comfort. The world of electronic music exists almost entirely off of my radar, but sounds like these make me realize that I need to expand my vision - or maybe I'm still riding the high from last night's BASSNECTAR gig.

Part of a three cassette series highlighting new Bay Area electronic artists from the folks at Break Up

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ahg said...

perfect groove to my rekindling the delight of wearing an old pair of headphones just recovered. great blog, thanks!