12 October 2012


This is one of the many tapes that's been sitting on a shelf for months (years) politely waiting for me to throw them up here. More of a collection of recordings than a proper mix tape Italiano Punk features live IMPACT tracks and I REFUSE IT songs from the Sfregio Permanente split cassette, but these were unsalvagable even after a ridiculous amount of time performing manual (and then digital) surgery...the things I do for you people. But what you do get was well worth the effort: a few from CRASH BOX's 1983 demo, CANI's Guai a Voi EP, an insanely good under the radar hardcore influenced Oi creamer, and a collection of songs from S.I.B., who could have almost been lumped in with parts of the UK anarcho scene (their frontwoman was a Brit, which helps the comparison). The S.I.B. tracks are taken from one show in 1981 and their final gig in Cesena in June 1982 as well as healthy chunk of their 1981 Third World War LP. Everything here is delicious, even if you don't get to eat the whole thing.

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der leone said...

Hey! Crazy Tracy (SIB singer, real name: Cinzia Sirotti) was italian, actually she could speak english very well (i think she has spent some time in the UK). Unfortunately she passed away some years ago... :( RIP Tracy! Great blog by the way! :)