29 October 2012


Mondays around these parts have become my repository for chaotic and damaged walls of distortion, typically adorned in black studded jackets with '80s Japanese obscurities scrawled across the back. But today's assault comes dressed in appropriated thrift store neon and wearing grey lipstick - two casually determined women making a casually ferocious racket. The guitar here is well beyond damaged, and dances between bone jarring heaviness and total chaos (take "Torres Gemelas" as a perfect example), and the drums could back heroes of SABBATH worship if they were content to just bash out rhythm...fortunately they are not, and the pummeling takes frequent and deliberate turns in uncomfortable directions. Both contribute vocals, and like the music they fill a wide spectrum that covers atonal droning, jarring wails and SPITBOY-esque no bullshit shouts. I have listened to this tape countless times in the past weeks...crushing and challenging.


Half of SISTER FUCKER also hits drums for HUMAN BAGGAGE. This 2010 demo is a a laid back and passively abrasive jaunt through post punk by way of early SONIC YOUTH. Saw them once - loved it. Figured these double shot posts of Bay Area bands was a perfect excuse for this long overdue share.


ido said...

I enjoyed the SISTER FUCKER tape so much I went to their blog and bought it. Plus their other tape.

Graphic Garrett said...

Hi, I really enjoy your blog, this post especially, but I have a couple corrections to make for your lineups of the bands. The drummer for Human Baggage is not in Sister Fucker. I think the confusion comes from the fact that she is in Stillsuit, which also has the guitarist/singer for Sister Fucker. The Drummer for Sister Fucker is actually a guy named Erin Allen, who plays guitar/sings in High Castle, and Child Pornography, and played drums/sang in Work. It was a very easy mistake to make. That particular scene in the bay area has very incestuous band lineups. The only reason I know is because i used to be fairly active in that scene as a photographer before i moved to socal. Anyway, great blog, great post, and thanks for the music. Just wanted your readers to get accurate info on the bands.