27 October 2012


The first demo was good, this one features a few of the same tracks, and is way better. A truly damaged bulldozer, this is hardcore made by people on another plane. Listen to WHITEHOUSE and CROSSED OUT while drinking tequila and strange things happen. Strange and glorious things. COPS live are one thing, and this second demo is getting close to that thing.


Langford told me this tape was really good. That recommendation and hearing that this was one (or more?) of the $2 OUT THE DOOR was more than enough for me to cough up three hard earned dollars and trudge up the hill with a shiny new cassette. I put it in, I pressed play, I hated it. But some months later I decide to spend a week on the internet focused on bands from the place where I live and I figure I should listen to that tape again. And it was great. Same tape, same ears, same brain, different mindset. Bass, drums, synths and monumental vocals combine forces to create an amalgamation of hipster indie sounds and Nuggets styled psych punks after they ingested a bottle full of somewhere else pills. I get the feeling after diving into my second listen that after spending some time with this tape I could start to find BLEAK ETHNIQUE potentially life altering. Well, at least mind altering in a very temporary interpretation of the term. Tuck in to some sound.

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