31 October 2012


A couple of years back I saw this band called ZERO PROGRESS play a show in SF. They were raw and energetic, youthful hardcore with a fire that can't be faked and can rarely be delivered by those of us strapped with the burden of adulthood. The dudes were weird and awkward, the band was good, and they were from the other worldly far reaches of the Bay Area. They started playing a somewhat regular shows in SF and Oakland, raising eyebrows, pushing buttons and dishing out killer fastcore with infectious maosh parts. And then one day they brought their friends with them. STRESSORS were younger, weirder, more punishing, and dished out an attack that needed no "they're young" or "they're from the suburbs" qualifiers. This demo is a total killer (the title track and "Midnight Convulsions" could make up a legendary mysterious guy hardcore 45, though I think that genre is passé now, no?), and Justin released an EP earlier this year if you can find one.


ASSUMPTIONS are to STRESSORS what STRESSORS are to ZERO PROGRESS, if you follow. Snagged this tape at a show (I missed the band, of course) on recommendation from STRESSORS vocalist Noah. Brutal and pissed hardcore with riffs that are just flawless. Total power from a group of kids who are unhindered by age and scene standards. Cut from the classic '80s USHC mold ("Wake Up Call"? I think Maumee, Ohio called to get their riffs back) but injected with the frustration of youth. Press play and you're moshing.


zhollows said...

Yes! Urgency and desperation in 2012! Excellent shitz!

Crucifried said...

Can you re-upload these two?

the wizard said...