02 October 2012


I heard you are holding on to more than your fair share of brain cells, and Cleveland's DUMBSHITS are here to help bring you back down to an acceptable level of (un)intelligence. These tracks from 1982's This Tape Sucks comp that also included THE OFFBEATS, LOUD AS FUCK, ZERO DEFEX, THE AGITATED and others (no, I don't have the whole tape and yes, I want it) make MEATMEN seem like PROPAGANDHI, so get out your dunce cap and get ready to wreck shit. Listening to songs like "Bald Guys Farting," "Turds With Corn In 'Em," and "Tastes Like Fuckin' Shit," it's no surprise that this comes from the same state that would bring us SOCKEYE and SLEAZY JESUS AND THE SPLATTERPIGS less than a decade later. Two dudes on a mission for idiocy.

For those paying way too much attention, this collection of songs includes "Joe Drank Piss," which is not on the aforementioned cassette comp according to any track listing I can find. So maybe you finally found that one elusive DUMBSHITS track you've been searching for. Probably not, but maybe.

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Harvester said...

I was worried that this was my teenage punk band from 1994, but then I saw the absence of a "Z" at the end of the name and breathed a sigh of relief. looking forward to listening to this.