16 January 2012


These San Jose mutants don't just have one of the best band monikers I've ever encountered, they also crank out the most profoundly brilliant garage genius meets blown out noise punk insanity I've ever heard. Take Helios Creed's guitar and inject it into lost TYRADES tracks performed by GAI (yeah, I drew that line...get into it).  The only thing wrong with this tape is that it's only 8 minutes and change. Seriously, listen to "All I Do Is Live" and tell me that when the drums switch to double time at 1:20...tell me that this is not total perfection. If you can tell me that, then you are very good at lying and you are not my friend. Noisy raw and completely fukkd - I needed this music when I was 17, and I need this music now.

All three METH SORES demos included in this download.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, i think track titles #2 and #3 are backwards.

Sick demo!

the wizard said...