01 January 2012


I had plans, I swear. The plan was genius - I was going to take you, the reader on a geographical journey to correspond with our tour, but instead I went to funeral. So instead of ringing in 2012 excitedly downloading the MY LAI demo as I had originally planned, I'm going to pummel you with the fastest SE Asian grind you have ever heard. After trying to wrap your brain around the next 15 minutes of your life you'll realize that, as usual around these parts, you're a winner even when you lose. 

Happy New Year from Chicago. By the time this show takes place, I will have plunged my stupid ass into Lake Michigan. Chicago residents come witness the underground union of blog nerds and my first live experience with one of my favorite new bands.

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wearesinking said...

My Lai are so great. The Pony Solider EP and the Paper Tiger 7" are so overlooked in the history of punk/hardcore music from Chicago.