11 January 2012


I decided a couple of months back to concentrate on demos and cassette releases on Terminal Escape, and started Escape Is Terminal (don't thank me for the original blog title, I've already congratulated myself plenty) as an outlet for live recordings, but it didn't seem right to let this Italian gem languish on a blog that is in its infancy and likely has a much narrower appeal. FALLOUT unleashed this collection of live tunes in 1985, a few years after dropping an essential ripper in the Criminal World EP. Classic thrashing Italian mayhem very much in line with WRETCHED, EU's ARSE and other contemporaries and recorded live in 1984/5 at various venues. The sleeve is a cut/paste hodgepodge (and in Italian) so I fear that my editing might be a little lax on this one, but that's no reason to keep these songs from entering your life. 


Anonymous said...

Ah... Italians.
They're all tutti pazzi!!

Anonymous said...

Ah..... Italians!