18 January 2012


A lot of stuff from the early '00s gets overlooked, and plenty of it with good reason. Generic rehashes of genres past were running rampant, and kids didn't really seem to know how to deal with hardcore as a twenty year old genre - in other words, when DOWN IN FLAMES started, MINOR THREAT was as old as THE BEATLES were when MINOR THREAT started and too many bands seemed hell bent on trying to recreate magic that they never personally experienced, and the result (while often very fast) was often quite stale. But as with any rough patch, just kick the dust around for a minute and you'll uncover some magic. Boston's SLEEPER CELL tend to slip through my mental cracks more often than they should; I rarely listen to their LP but every I time I do I am reintroduced to how fukkn great it is, and last night while trying to find a place to store yet another daunting box of cassettes I was reminded that I hadn't blasted this demo in half a decade. My loss. Seven songs in under nine minutes, packed with awkward blasts of breakneck hardcore. File this shit between TALK IS POISON and TEAR IT UP, even though it starts with an S. Think about it...it makes sense.


Patrick M said...

picked up their LP for $2 outside of cleveland once because i vaguely recalled their name. an overlooked and under rated band for sure.

paul barger said...

Yo Robert, it looks like this mediafire account was suspended, can you re-upload this?

the wizard said...

Read the 2/28 "Attention" post, or the newer intro to the upper right of the home page. My Mediafire is dead (probably for good this time). Older links are being repaired on a by request basis.
Sleeper Cell is live now.