04 January 2012


POLISKITZO are associated with the Silenzio Statico crew in Los Angeles, but it's hard to say exactly where they fit in. I've seen them several times, but I don't think I've ever seen them live at a show where they were meant to play. POLISKITZO are the dudes who spend the show smoking weed and tripping on acid in the back (or around the corner) and then when you least expect it (or when you are ready to leave) you look up and they are on stage. But you can't leave because they are too damn good, so you wind up staying at the show until three in the morning. The layered vocals are what make this demo stand out from their first, but the music is still blissed out So Cal punk with a tasteful touch of '70 NYC glam punk on the guitar. Prepare to get stoked.

NO STATIK tour continues tonight in Columbus, Ohio. The last time I played at The Legion Of Doom we battled the circuit breaker for a frustrating 15 minutes before calling it a night. Let's hope that the IBEW has paid them a visit since then. 

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