25 January 2012


Often, the best part of playing in a band is getting to see other bands, and this was the case a few weeks ago when NO STATIK played in Chicago. Naturally the show was awesome (after all, Sarah set it up so this should come as no surprise), MANIPULATION, NATURAL LAW and CREEM were all every bit as good as expected, and I was riding on a endorphin rush after my 30 degree post sunset dunk into Lake Michigan, but that night was all about COLD LOVERS. Half the members of FENCED and a few rockin' dudes make up this outfit, and as much as I love the demo you are about to hear, the live wall that crashed down upon me when this band played was exactly the reason I love punk. Chaotic and disjointed mid paced hardcore with distant and hollow female vocals competing for your undying affection with primitive and distorted single note lead guitar. This is no bullshit and total rule, and while I initially detected an absently introspective goth vibe from my first several listens to these songs (a vibe I admittedly struggle to detect after seeing them live) my ears now hear earnest and determined songs, plowing through me like a bulldozer - as much in your face as digging right into your heart. Best band...I wish half of the shit I heard was half this awesome.
Get this tape: coldlovers(at)gmail(dot)com


Other Women said...

Yeah man that show was at my house and I totally missed the whole thing cuz of work. I'm still pretty bummed about the whole thing.

xtrashedx said...

Wasn't that into them live but I did let them use my sharpie to scrimshaw those tapes that night, wish I woulda picked one up. That show was a killer time.

vinylpuma said...

Cubicle neighbors were asking me to turn this one down all day yesterday. Awesome. Thanks for posting!