13 January 2012


Seriously, fukk a bunch of punk points, right? I mean, you can't use them for shit and other punks only resent you for having lots of them, so why not flush them all down the toilet with a blast of past-century psychedelic instrumental rock 'n roll? Equal parts PINK FLOYD, HAWKWIND, ALAN PARSONS and LSD, OZRIC TENTACLES cranked out an impressive cassette-ography before 1989's Pungent Efflungent, their first proper and official release. While their catalog certainly ventures too far into jam band territory for my liking, these early efforts are no-rules and guitar solo laden without stepping into hippie territory. This was put to cassette (minus two of the songs found on the full length), backed with some way less punk stuff which I have shared here - just in case the paint had not peeled itself from your jacket in disgust after hearing "Hgog In The Ether" and you are up for more torture.


Matt said...

Ah bring back the free festival!!
Thanks for sharing as always

Anonymous said...

Nice dude. I love the atypical stuff.