26 January 2012


This band came out of nowhere just as I was leaving the Bay Area in 2002 and kicked the entire region in the dick. A crew of powerviolence veterans spewing spite filled bare bones hardcore punk might have been just what punk needed to knock people down a notch and get them out of their big boy britches. "Punk Ass Nitpick" starts with a creepy crawling riff that channels early LA and delivers with the unbridled fury of '80s Detroit, and then lurches forward for 20 seconds of rage before the guitar torture that makes up "Hang The Jury" kicks in. Six songs in just over seven minutes on the demo, FUNERAL SHOCK blew through a few singers and several vinyl slabs before packing it in. Members of DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE, SPAZZ and CAPITALIST CASUALTIES in case you still need convincing.


Jimmy said...

great demo! can't believe I've never heard this band before

Aaron said...

Hey Robert,
could you revive this link?
Love this band, especially the 12".

the wizard said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, bought a couple 7" ep's recently by Funeral Shock