05 January 2011


10 minutes of blown out raw hardcore punk, rudimentary and ferocious. Female vocals set to that classic chaotic clattering that you punks love - sometimes it's in tune (sometimes not so much), sometimes it sounds like UK85 thrash on speed, sometimes it sounds like Scandinavia put in a blender. "Invasion Force" is the jam here, but all of these will appeal to fans of fast, simple hardcore (note: this recording is RAW). Members of ACID REFLUX and NUCLEAR FAMILY, this was recorded in the mid '00s (I wanna say 2005?)...and my love affair with Albany bands continues.



Anonymous said...

Well, no one else has said anything, so I'll be the one to say it: this is pretty cool, but you're not kidding when you say it sounds raw. I'm always a sucker for female vocals in punk for some reason. Love 'em.

Unknown said...

robert i cant believe you posted this! it sounds like fucking garbage! and the.... oh no, of course you posted it.
raw production courtesy of a 4track that not one of us had any idea how to operate. not even sure if we had 4 mics. we had done one 4track recording prior to this(lost to the ages unfortunately) that sounded REALLY GOOD(honest!) and fooled us into thinking that we could pull off a reasonable home recording. this one of course is extremely UNreasonable. also pretty sure it was recorded in 2004, maybe even 2003?
"fite" is spelled wrong on purpose(albanians aren't all terrible spellers). for a while we were also toying with the idea of spelling system wrong too, i.e. "cystem". this was abandoned when it was determined it looked too twizzy. or gaelic.
system fite only played one out of town show @ purchase college with WITCH HUNT at which my car was almost towed because it was unregistered and uninspected not to mention, uninsured. talked my way out of it.
singer of this band just domestic-partnered with his astro-physicist genius girlfriend and is studying to become a nurse.
drummer moved to israel, got way into orthodox judiasm, got married, and is currently hard at work on repopulating zion.

zach and i are still punk.