28 January 2011


A quick look at the cover and you should know that you need this in your life. An absolutely killer collection of '80s Deutsch Punk and German hardcore featuring bands you know from being a punk (UPRIGHT CITIZENS, NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES, SPERMBIRDS), bands you know from Terminal Escape (S.O.S. made an appearance in the very first Friday Mix Tape, in fact) and bands you need to know (ANTITOXIN, F.O.H., NIKOTEENS). Some of the tracks suffer from subpar live recordings (B.S.E. and ATOMSCHLAG most notably), but this is 90 minutes of quality German hardcore/punk with it's requisite catchy choruses and infectious guitar work, worth it for the INFERNO tracks alone, and someone was nice enough to throw in some live SUBHUMANS and Canada's brilliant DOWN SYNDROME to give things an international flare. Or maybe it was just an attempt to move a few dozen extra units.

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